July 2011 | Don's Claytons Fine Dry Cleaning
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Don’s Claytons Adopts New Halogen-Free Solvent

For many years, Don’s Claytons has made the environment a top priority when it comes to our dry cleaning processes.

Now we have taken our commitment a step further by adopting the use of K4, a halogen-free, organic solvent with excellent cleaning performance and a purity level of more than 99 percent. K4 does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings or soil, and it has been dermatologically tested for skin friendliness.

K4 absorbs and dissolves stains from fats, greases and oils as well as water soluble soils. The new solvent leaves cleaned fabrics with a pleasant, smooth feel and noticeably minimizes fiber abrasion and creasing during the cleaning process. ln addition, K4 brightens colors and protects against graying of fabrics. Plus, K4 has another benefit other solvents don’t have: It is ODOR FREE.
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