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DCI Dry Cleaning

DCI Drycleaning

Don’s Claytons takes a serious approach to both cleaning your garments and protecting the environment. We understand environmentally friendly dry cleaning is extremely important to our customers and the rest of the world. That’s why Don’s Claytons has adopted the DCI™ cleaning process. This method continually refines dry cleaning solvents in order to keep them pure and fresh. We believe delivering your items clean is just as important as keeping the world safe and green. Remaining committed to DCI™ dry cleaning is the only way to meet our strict quality requirements. This practice also ensures fabrics are truly clean and odor-free. Using environmentally safe dry cleaning chemicals and biodegradable bags are among the leadership standards distinguishing us from other dry cleaners.


Emphasis On The Environment

For years, Don’s Claytons commitment to protecting the environment has been unequalled by competitors. Our emphasis on environmentalism is continuous and growing. We are especially proud of our DCI™ cleaning process, a procedure which cleans fabrics better and is environmentally friendly. This practice helps make us one of the most eco friendly dry cleaners in Indiana. By using the DCI™ cleaning process, Don’s Claytons does not expose you, your family, or the community, to harmful chemical residue.


Tops In Environmental Dry Cleaning

We are a leader in environmentally friendly dry cleaners in the Tri-State region. Unlike other dry cleaners, Don’s Claytons does not use perchloroethylene (also known as tetrachloroethylene) as a cleaning agent. The National Academy of Sciences has confirmed the assessment by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that this industrial solvent is considered a possible human carcinogen. Using our DCI™ dry cleaning process helps Don’s Claytons protect our customers and the environment. And we take extreme pride in our use of biodegradable bags and other eco friendly products. We will continue to do all we can to serve our clients efficiently, while protecting our climate and surroundings.


Five-Star Rating From The Indiana Department of Environmental Management

At Don’s Claytons, one of our highest achievements is the five-star rating we received from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. This perfect rating was based on the many improvements our company has made, all focused on reducing our impact on the environment. Because of our eco-friendly improvements, we have been designated as a Certified Environmental DryCleaner. In addition, the team at Don’s Claytons has also earned the distinction of being the Tri-State’s only Nationally Certified Professional Drycleaners (CPD). Don’s Claytons will continue to offer the residents of the Tri-State outstanding service with environmentally friendly dry cleaning in mind. We are proud to be one of the most eco friendly dry cleaners in the state of Indiana.

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