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Time Saver Laundry

Time Save Laundry

Your schedule is full. Wouldn’t it be great to take a break from laundry? With Don’s Claytons, you can cross finding a laundry service near me off your long list of to-dos. Do a week’s worth of laundry in 10 minutes!

Our Time Saver laundry service allows you to concentrate on your busy life, while we focus on the laundry.


The Benefits Of A Laundry Service

We will wash, dry, then fold or hang (your choice), one load, or an entire week’s worth of your family’s laundry. Using our laundry services keeps your family looking sharp, clean, and smelling fresh. Drop your laundry off at any of our nine convenient locations, or save even more time by having us pick up and deliver from your home or workplace.


Professional Results

Our staff is devoted to providing the best results possible. And with so many years of experience in the laundry and dry cleaning service industry, we’re well-known for consistently delivering excellence. Our drive to satisfy customers, combined with our extensive experience enabled us to develop superior techniques. These processes help us ensure your clothes are impeccable. Our staff also concentrates on stains, so your garments are returned to you in pristine condition. If you’re in the Tri-State area and find yourself searching for the closest laundromat near me, visit Don’s Claytons. And be sure to ask a friendly customer service representative about our Time Saver laundry service.